Avoid buying fake bearings

Counterfeiters have become skilled at disguising low cost bearings and packaging to mimic the appearance of the premium bearing brands. Counterfeit products, are highly unpredictable, and can have serious impact on performance and reliability of your machinery. If you think that you accidently may have bought counterfeit SKF products, SKF offers a verification service that is both quick and easy. Take photographs of the complete product and package, showing all markings. E-mail the photos together with a copy of the invoice to: genuine@skf.com.
You can also use the SKF Authenticate app, which provides clear instructions on how to photograph the product and automatically submit a request to SKF, all in one simple process. SKF experts then review the information, authenticate the product and reply through email. The SKF Authenticate app is available for free on Apple App Store or Google Play. Scan the QR-code below to download the app.

The best way to safeguard authenticity is to buy
from SKF authorized distributors.

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